Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Song

Jake and I spent part of the last two nights writing a song. It is just five verses. There is no bridge or chorus. We did that purposely, although we kind of feel like there is something still missing. Anyway, we've never really shared anything we've written before but decided to share this one.

A Dream or My Heart Beats Below the Six Strings of an Empty Wooden Box

Sitting alone on my bed in an empty apartment
these thoughts in my head, they don't mean a thing,
just another dream

Pictures of you scattered all on the floor
the way that you looked when you came to the door on that night
that I'll never forget

I held on to you with all that I had
and I would let go 'cause I wanted to badly to stay in this moment forever
with you

When you laugh and you cry does he know the reasons why
can he tell without words or even a sigh, what you need in that moment
does he even try

well dreams come and go, can I finally let go
of these thoughts in my head, and get out of bed
to live another dream

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I need your help!

Some of you know and some of you don't, but I am planning on moving to Australia sometime in the next year. The the plan was and still is to move in October when my lease is up. I recently found out about a dream job in Australia and decided (with the urging of Wick) that I would be an idiot to not at least apply. The job is basically to be a caretaker of a small island on the Great Barrier Reef. Live there, explore, and blog on my experiences. Too good to be true, huh?

This is where you come in. I have to submit a 60 second video interview. It needs to be creative. I need to get their attention and tell them why I would be the best person for the job. They want the video to be relevant and funny. I need ideas!!! What can I do to be unique. Please comment your ideas if you read this!

Thanks in advance!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Music using only sounds from Windows 98 and XP

This is pretty cool. Makes you wonder what kind of time some people have though.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Justin McRoberts on art

Justin McRoberts sometimes blogs for "soul-audio" and I just ran across this one on his thoughts about art. He talks about how art has been devalued by the disappointment of the consumer in the Marketplace. The whole thing is a pretty interesting read but the thing that stuck out to me was what he says DOES give art value.

"Art works contrary to this utilitarian principle, proposing that the worth of a piece is not tied solely to it’s market value, but much more closely tied to the relationship that piece has to its creator. In other words, a song has value to the one who wrote it simply because it is borne out of the heart of the artist. This relational meaning is reflective of the Divine value attributed to humanity."

This got me thinking of the correlation between art (creation) and it's creator. To think about the few things that I've created and how much those things mean to me and then to think how much God must love us, His creation. It's pretty awesome to think about the love and work that went into our existence.

On the other hand, it makes me think about how we devalue others or even ourselves in the same way that we devalue human creations. We need to remember that no matter how we might be devalued in this world, that God is our Creator and our true value is determined simply by that fact.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Stupid computers

I've spent the last couple of days without a computer because my laptop went to crap and my desktop has been down and torn apart for going on a year now. So, now Kyle's got my laptop trying to fix it and I finally spent some time to get my desktop up and running again. It's weird because I haven't actually used a personal desktop in quite sometime, at least anywhere other than work.

Anywho, I realized that being without a computer the last couple of days, I've really missed reading all the blogs I normally read on a daily basis. I don't blog very often myself, in fact, I think I've only blogged maybe 5 or 6 times since I started this, but I do get on everyday and read all of my friends blogs. I really love it. There must be something to this blogging thing.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I went to see Wilco on the last night of their tour on Saturday night. It was the most amazing show I've ever seen. There is a huge difference between a talented band and a talented band that has "it." Wilco has more of "it" than any band out there. At least I can't imagine one that does.

They played for 3 hours and I found myself worshiping God more than I have in quite some time. He was just so evident in everything they played. I don't know what kind of relationship with God that the members of Wilco have, if any, but it doesn't really matter. Whether they are Christians or atheists, I believe that the very source of creativity in everything they did is from God. Their show was just so moving. The fact that human beings can create such amazing art is just mind blowing to me. This will not be my last Wilco show. I can't wait to have that experience again.

One other thought....The band just seemed to be having so much fun playing their music. I know it may seem this is true at any rock show you go to, but I have to wonder how much of that is the "show." I've never felt like a band was genuinely having this much fun. What I wouldn't give to have that.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Birthdays and cats

Today is my birthday. I really don't like birthdays. At least mine. I just don't get why people want to give me things and wish a happy birthday because of an event 24 years ago that I had no control over. It bugs me. I really just want to be left alone and live it like a normal day. I won't let anyone buy me presents or throw me a party. I went to lunch with my parents today and had to sneak out early just to make sure I didn't get sung to in front of a restaurant full of people.

As much as I don't like celebrating my birthday, I would have gladly let people sing to me today if I didn't have to watch my mom's 19 year old cat die...with my mom, no less. Now, I'm not a fan of cats and even though this cat has been in our family for a long time, I don't have what you would call an emotional attachment to it at all. The sad part is that this cat was born 8 days after my grandma died and so in a weird way has always been an extension of my grandma to my mom. It was extremely hard on her. I think she has finally accepted that her cat is better off now than she was 5 hours ago. She was pretty much miserable, old, and feeble. Anyway, it'll be interesting now to remember this day on my birthday in the future. Maybe it will give it a little meaning.