Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Song

Jake and I spent part of the last two nights writing a song. It is just five verses. There is no bridge or chorus. We did that purposely, although we kind of feel like there is something still missing. Anyway, we've never really shared anything we've written before but decided to share this one.

A Dream or My Heart Beats Below the Six Strings of an Empty Wooden Box

Sitting alone on my bed in an empty apartment
these thoughts in my head, they don't mean a thing,
just another dream

Pictures of you scattered all on the floor
the way that you looked when you came to the door on that night
that I'll never forget

I held on to you with all that I had
and I would let go 'cause I wanted to badly to stay in this moment forever
with you

When you laugh and you cry does he know the reasons why
can he tell without words or even a sigh, what you need in that moment
does he even try

well dreams come and go, can I finally let go
of these thoughts in my head, and get out of bed
to live another dream

1 comment:

Jake T said...

A brief demo recording w/ melody and music or it didn't happen ;)